Posted by: Heathen | September 17, 2008

“You Know How I Know You’re Gay?”


“You listen to Coldplay.”

I rather enjoy listening to Coldplay, regardless of my sexual orientation. Their latest effort, Viva La Vida, or Death and All His Friends shows maturity in their music by going beyond their usual “Coldplay sound.” Though still imbued with catchy lyrics and stadium-like manufactured sound, the band is willing to experiment with Eastern instruments, among others. The infectious song Viva La Vida sounds very much like the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby.

I’m not exactly the one who reviews albums or try to decipher the meanings behind songs. But the aforementioned song is a good avenue for endless debates and conversations.  Even with biblical allusions such as “St Peter [calling his] name” and hearing “Jerusalem’s bells ringing,” I am not convinced that it is a straight-shooter religious song. If anything, Viva La Vida deals with empire and the fickleness of human power and the empty promises/goals of revolutions.   Is it any surprise that the album’s cover comes from Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People.

Viva La Vida, while comparable to say Clocks or Speed of Sound, possessed a slightly more political message – and I commend the band for attempting to grapple with the world’s problems. Of course, they are not Rage Against the Machine or System of Down. Nevertheless, this is a good album to listen to.

Fans familiar with the Coldplay sound may be slightly put off by the difference. However, after a few repeated listenings, things should get settled down.

And so, by way of rounding up where we first started: How does one know of one’s sexual orientation by the music they listen to? One may posit that it’s because they listen to Coldplay. Unfortunately, the answer will always be inconclusive.

Now the Indigo Girls or K.D. Lang….. that would be a whole different story.



  1. Coldplay….I’ve always been a fan.

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