Posted by: Heathen | October 24, 2008

Mr. Kit, the Sub

“Hi, is this Kit?”

“Yes, this is”

“We would like for you to come in tomorrow morning to sub for us. Is this possible?”

“Yes, I can do it.”

“Great! Be here at 8:30am at the front desk. I’ll show you to your classroom.”

“Okay, see you then.”

And so begins my day as a substitute teacher. I recently got hired as a sub for a school ran by DU. It’s a school for gifted children (translation: rich kids). It is indeed interesting to observe my class’ interaction with each other. They talk about going to Hawaii for vacation and how they play Guitar Hero till late in the evening. They’re the most well-behaved kids I’ve ever encountered as well. In fact, they are very self-sufficient. While I wasn’t alone with them in the class today (it was my first day and the school wanted me to pair off with another teacher to familiarize myself with the routines and going-ons on the class), I didn’t really have to do much to tell them to pay attention.

My fellow teachers are mostly education majors, and seemed to fascinated with my excellent command in English. Apparently I sounded like a “native” of the country. I don’t really know if that was a compliment or an expression of surprise that a non-white Asian man with long hair can speak and converse in English just as well as my Anglo and “native” English speaking colleagues.  They also seem fascinated that I study religion and theology. I suppose if every teacher you encounter were education majors, it would be pretty “sexy” or unusual that a substitute teacher such as myself am studying something way different from them. Anyway, they seem nice and I hope to establish a relationship with them as time goes by.

As it was only a half day’s work for me, I clocked out at 12:30pm, during their recess time. I didn’t really say goodbye to my students as they were busy playing outside. I wish I have the energy of a 10 year old. Watching them jump and run around like there’s no tomorrow is telling of how old I am now. It seemed so long ago since I had that kind of energy running around my school ground with my friends.

I said goodbye to my teaching partner, expressing my gratitute for her willingness to have me “shadow” her day. I signed off and said goodbye to my boss who hired me. She asked me if things were okay, and I said it was fine. She seemed quite pleased with me as well as she told me that the school with call me up when they are in need of a substitute teacher. I said thank you to the front desk reception, as I exited the door and headed home. I was offered a slice of pizza from the class’ lunch menu too, but I didn’t really take up on their offer. I had pesto pasta instead from home.

The next time I get called up to sub, I will be all by myself. This should be fun. I’m still nervous about the whole thing and am still attempting to learn my surroundings. But overall, this has been a good experience for me. I hope to have more chances to sub in the near future.


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