Who Am I?

I am Malaysian by nationality but Chinese by descent. So that makes me a Chinese although I’m constantly mistaken for a Native American, Hawaiian and Polynesian to name a few.

Academically, I’m pursuing my doctorate in Religious and Theological Studies at the Iliff School of Theology/Denver University in CO. I’m not planning to become a pastor/priest/clergyman, but in many ways, I feel that I am “called” to be a prophet figure (sans miracles) in some sort of capacity, probably around the realm of academia.

I see myself as primarily a historian but with a hint of theology and religion mixed into the concoction. Most of all, I am fascinated by those “from below” (i.e. everyday people) and how they negotiate their religious/theological identities either in oppressive or day-to-day contexts.

I spend most of my time reading books (academic and non-academic) and hanging out with my fellow apartment residents and some DU friends at the “porch.” They mostly involve cheap beer and nasty hot dogs since money is tight and graduate students make shit for money.

While I claim to be a Christian, I find myself at numerous ocassions at odds with Christianity, and subsequently at odds with my more “traditional” friends who either think that I have “back-sliden” or “in need of prayer” so I can “see the light” again.

My nickname “Heathen” really stemmed out of my experience as a Christian who is “neither here nor there.” If anything, I see myself as too conservative in a liberal setting, and too liberal in a conservative – betwixt and between. In short, my nickname is meant to be a cheeky (and cheesy) and spontaneous take on the fact that I’m a nerd when it comes to any kitchy theological and religious stuff.



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